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Session (4) / Semester Two / Third Year

  Session Items
Session Report





Session (4) / Semester Two / Third Year 2021-07-13 0 Hour Session with Agenda
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Session Items
First: Voting on the expert committee to choose the unimplemented High Commission for Human Rights Not Executed
Second: Complete the vote on the proposed sports clubs law. (Youth and Sports Committee). (The remaining 13 articles). Unimplemented. Not Executed
Third: Vote on the proposed law to protect the human rights employee. (Legal Committee, Committee on Civil Society Institutions and Parliamentary Development). (9 articles). Unimplemented. Not Executed
Fourth: To vote on the draft law of the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the 2005 Protocol relating to the 1988 Protocol for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against the Safety of Fixed Platforms on the Continental Shelf. (Committee on Foreign Relat Not Executed
Fifth: To vote on the proposed law for the first amendment to the Residence of Foreigners Law No. (76) of 2017. (The Committee on Labor, Social Affairs, Immigration and Displaced Persons). ( Matter ) . Unimplemented. Not Executed
Sixth: Vote on the Iraqi Programmers Syndicate's proposal. (Committee on Civil Society Institutions and Parliamentary Development). (27 articles). Unimplemented. Not Executed
Seventh: Report and discuss (second reading) the draft law of the twenty-first amendment to the Owners Law No. (25) of 1960. (Financial Committee, Integrity Committee). (3 articles). Unimplemented. Not Executed
Eighth: The first reading of the draft law regulating service wages in centrally funded state departments and their devolution. (The Finance Committee, the Services and Construction Committee, the Committee for Monitoring the Implementation of the Gover Not Executed
Ninth: The first reading of the proposed law amending the Law No. 173 of 1965. (Legal Committee). (8 articles). Unimplemented. Not Executed
Tenth: The first reading of the bill to recover the proceeds of corruption. (Legal Committee, Integrity Committee). (45 articles). Unimplemented. Not Executed
Eleventh: General discussions (15 minutes). Implemented. Executed
Session Report
 On (7/13/2021), the House of Representatives held its fourth session of the second legislative term for the third year, the fourth electoral session headed by Mr. Muhammad Al-Halbousi, and the session included:

 - Mr. Al-Halbousi offered his deepest condolences to the Iraqi people and the people of Dhi Qar Governorate for the death of dozens of Iraqis in the tragic incident at Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Nasiriyah, for isolating Corona virus patients.

 The House of Representatives recited Surat Al-Fatihah, in sympathy for the martyrs of the hospital and the martyrs of Iraq.

 The demands called for the government to assume its responsibilities in protecting the lives of citizens and limiting the recurrence of such tragic incidents, in addition to announcing the results of investigations from the committees formed by the government before the public opinion, and calling for a complete restructuring of the Ministry of Health and referring the files of its senior officials to the judiciary, and referring to  The weakness of oversight and the accumulation and spread of financial and administrative corruption in government departments led to neglect and negligence.

 Partly chaired by the First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Hassan Al Kaabi

 - Ladies and Gentlemen, Representatives stressed during the session the need to liberate state institutions from political domination and to include civil defense teams in the investigation, as they are the body responsible for protecting property and lives, in addition to resolving the issue of naming a Minister of Health.

 - The Parliamentary Health and Environment Committee confirmed the existence of a structural failure in the Ministry of Health, especially that the committee called on the ministry earlier to stop the use of (caravans) to isolate people infected with the Corona virus, in addition to other recommendations in favor of improving the level of health services, calling on the Prime Minister to open an urgent investigation with the participation of  The Parliamentary Health Committee to find out the reasons for negligence and negligence, noting the need to present the results of the investigation regarding the fire of Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital within a period of three days, otherwise it will take measures through its parliamentary work.

 Part of it was chaired by Dr. Bashir Al-Haddad, Vice-President of the Council

 - Demanding members of the House of Representatives during the session to host the ministers of interior and health to find out their future measures to reduce the recurrence of fire incidents that occur in hospitals, in addition to reconsidering the transfer of the powers of some ministries to the governorates.

 - The President of the Council directed to host the governmental committee responsible for investigating the incident of the Al-Hussein Hospital fire, in addition to the presence of the Governor of Dhi Qar to find out the causes of fires that occur in hospitals and government institutions, calling on the Health and Environment Committee to take its role in monitoring and following up the investigation process with the government committee.

 Then it was decided to keep the session open until tomorrow, Wednesday


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