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Session (4) / Semester Two / Third Year

  Session Items
Session Report




  Deputies By Parliamentary Committees Education Committee

Qusay Mohsen Mohammed Matar President
Toama Abdullah Hammadi Hanal Decision
Ashwaq Kareem Mohsen Atoug Member
Khadija Ali Abbas Jassim Member
Suad Jabbar Mohammed Ali Member
Safaa Adnan Majeed Mohi Member
Abbas Shuail Ouda thjiel Member
Ali Gherkan Amer Hussain Member
Mohammed Farman Shaher Salman Member
Merywan Nader Nasraldin Tawfiq Member
Manal Hameed Hashem Abbas Member
Muntaha Jaber Saleh Abdul Member
Huda Jarallah Dawood Hassan Member
Hawazen Hassan Mahdi Abdali Member
Hoshyar Karadag Yilda Boutros Member
Walaa Rahim Hussein Salome Member


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