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Iraqi Constitution
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Extraordinary Session

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Alrafeden Register 2 Deputy
Alsadkoon Bloc 1 Deputy
Alwarka Democratic Register 1 Deputy
Alwatanea 9 Deputy
Assyrian Syriac Chaldean Popular Council 2 Deputy
Bader Organization 20 Deputy
Civilian Gathering to reform/ Labor 7 Deputy
Democratic Trend 2 Deputy
Dialogue and Alteration Movement 1 Deputy
Dignity 1 Deputy
Freedom Call Gathering 2 Deputy
Hareth Shanshal Sned Alharethe 1 Deputy
Independent Bloc 11 Deputy
Iraq Construction And Development Bloc 2 Deputy
Iraq Rawafed Gathering 1 Deputy
Iraq Turkman Party 2 Deputy
Iraqi Citizens Unity 2 Deputy
Iraqi Free Bloc 1 Deputy
Iraqi Front for National Dialogue 5 Deputy
Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council 16 Deputy
Iraqi National Conference 1 Deputy
Iraqi National Pan Council 2 Deputy
Iraqi Unity Gathering 3 Deputy
Islamic Dawa Party/ interior Organizing 1 Deputy
Islamic Virtue Party 5 Deputy
Jehad and Construction Movement 1 Deputy
Justice and Unity Gathering 1 Deputy
Koran/ Alteration 9 Deputy
Kurdistan Democratic Party 25 Deputy
Kurdistan Islamic Group / Iraq 3 Deputy
Kurdistan National Union 21 Deputy
Liberal Bloc 28 Deputy
Liberal Shabek Council 1 Deputy
Loyalty and Development 1 Deputy
Moktadroon Gathering for peace and Construction 1 Deputy
My Country First 1 Deputy
National Decision Register 1 Deputy
National Masses Coalition 4 Deputy
National Movement for Reform and Development/ the solution 8 Deputy
National Partnership Gathering 3 Deputy
National Reform Trend/ Dr. Algafre 6 Deputy
New Iraqi Missionary Trend 1 Deputy
New Morrow Trend 0 Deputy
New Vistas Gathering 3 Deputy
Patriots Gathering 1 Deputy
People Party 1 Deputy
Resurrection Iraqi Party 1 Deputy
Semitic Masses Bloc 1 Deputy
Solidarity in Iraq 1 Deputy
The Citizen 11 Deputy
The Hope Gathering 1 Deputy
United For Iraq 11 Deputy
United For Reform 1 Deputy
Yazidi Movement for Reform and Progress 1 Deputy


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