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Madarik foundation for studying the mechanisms of conceptual promotion is an Iraqi independent foundation that seeks to contribute in development of Iraqi community culture. It was founded in April 2004. The foundation has been approved by the registration document issued by the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation of Republic of Iraq, Center of NGOs No.(1B6401) on 1/8/2004, and the registration document issued by the Department of NGOs in the General Secretariat of the Cabinet No.(411) on 30/11/2008.
The foundation includes:
1- Madarik Center for Research and Studies.
2- The Iraqi Center for Child Culture
3- Madarik quarterly Intellectual magazine.
Foundation's vision:
Detect the defect that distorted the concepts of community awareness system, in order to deal with its impact on behavior and culture of individuals.
1- Try to provide the appropriate intellectual environment, in preparation for the acceptance of community reforms.
2- Activate the constructive dialogue among the components of the Iraqi community leading to the commonalities of Iraqi identity.
3- Read the experiments of the democratic countries in the field of State community building to benefit from it in the Iraqi reality.
4- Contribute in development of Iraqi child culture. 









Issuing Iraqi Parliamentary Monitor Final Report


Issuing the Final Report of The Iraqi Parliamentary Monitor, Second Electoral Term 

- The Iraqi Parliamentary monitor issued, its final report of observing the Iraqi parliament performance of the second electoral term 2010-2014. In Oil Cultural Center hall on 22-11-2014, in the presence of many politicians, journalists, media figures, academics, civil community institutions and civil community activists, besides newspaper reporters, news agencies and satellite channels. The final report were distributed on attendants, most important points in the report were showed by the monitor team.



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