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Iraqi Constitution
Session Discussion for Iraqi Parliament

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Extraordinary Session

  Session Items
Session Report




  Deputies By Parliamentary Committees

Affairs of Members and Parliamentary Development
2 Deputy
Agriculture and Water
14 Deputy
Awqaf and Religious Affairs
8 Deputy
Culture and Media
7 Deputy
Displaced Persons
10 Deputy
Economy and Investment
17 Deputy
16 Deputy
17 Deputy
Foreign Relations
19 Deputy
Health and The Environment
18 Deputy
Higher Education
16 Deputy
Human Rights
11 Deputy
Institutions of Civil Society
7 Deputy
21 Deputy
Labour and Social Affairs
6 Deputy
18 Deputy
Martyrs and Prisoners
9 Deputy
National Reconciliation and Accountability
7 Deputy
Oil and Energy
19 Deputy
Regions and Provinces
10 Deputy
Security and Defense
19 Deputy
Services and Construction
19 Deputy
Tourism and Antiquities
5 Deputy
6 Deputy
Women, Family and Childhood
6 Deputy
Youth and Sports
5 Deputy



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